Automate The Safe Transfer Of Your Digital Wealth Upon Death.
Our Mission

MoTA Inherit will enable you pass your digital assets to your next-of-kin without exposure or disclosure to anyone! Neither our service nor the beneficiaries will know of your arrangement. An automatic trigger will allow your next of kin to independently retrieve your digital assets using your own login credentials that are only activated when you are no more.

Digital access codes to your gadgets, mnemonic or seed phrases to your wallets, and passwords to exchanges and trading platforms are yours alone to know. Yet, you may want family or dependents to benefit from your cryptocurrency and other digital assets you own when you are incapacitated or no more. Our mission is to provide you a secure way to pass this assets on without ever needing to expose the information to us or your next-of-kin while alive but only accessible in a secure way to your beneficiaries when you are inaccessible or gone.

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No Disclosure!

You do not need to disclose any information regarding your asset to us or your beneficiary in order to set up an automatic transfer of information to your beneficiaries that will enable them access your cryptocurrency and other digital assets whether they are in a wallet or on an exchange. We use existing publicly available tools and encryption to achieve this.

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What Makes MoTA Inherit Special?

We fill gaping holes in  the digital assets space using simple but secure and innovative methods to achieve what others approach with complexity. The use and management of cryptocurrency and digital assets keep growing. We solved the problem of cryptocurrency serving technophobes and the under-served with MoTA-Remit where non-technical persons including the handicapped can remit tokens to other non-technical and technical persons globally through MoTA Transmitters (agents and other platform users). 

We later identified the need for cryptocurrency and digital asset holders to be capable of transferring their assets to their next-of-kin no matter the wallet, exchange or electronic location of their assets. We achieve this using a series of publicly available but secure and robust tools. Our approach exposes no information to us or the beneficiary except the information needed to contact you. 

More About MoTA Inherit
Our Process
1. Select Package

Start by selecting one of our flexible offers. You have the option of a trial package, monthly package and a life-time package.

2. Set Up

Create your profile details to allow you to update information such as how to contact you as and when you please.

3. Receive Training

Once your profile has been set up, you will receive training and guidance on securing your information to pass on.

4. Create Secure data

Haven been trained, you will then proceed to create secure locked encrypted data splits and the necessary assess triggers.

5. Data Storage

Fragments of data are then stored based on our unique strategy that keep them private and only known to you.

6. Updates & Processing

After storage you may update data periodically until a time that release is triggered and processed.

User Story

I have been involved with cryptocurrency since 2014, actively trading some tokens while holding others in several wallets including tipping bots. 

Over time, some of these assets have become significant and substantial such as when doge mooned. Consolidating all these assets so my children can benefit while maintaining activities such as trading on exchanges has become quite a challenge. 

How do I ensure my children can receive assets I have left behind on custodial exchanges and other services such tipping sites, payment gateway wallets etc? This challenge is what I found MoTA Inherit solving in a novel and most practical way. Without holding on to or having access to any critical information and with literally free third-party tools, MoTA Inherit is able to pass on not only my assets but practically access control of any digital device I so desire to grant access to in future that is not protected by biometric security.

This is super convenient and impressive. . 

- Esther Gates
Why Choose Us
Private & Discrete

You surely do not want information all over the place and undesirable characters breathing down  your neck for owning a few digital assets. We keep it so.

Stay In Control

Keep control of what you pass on and when you pass it on. Stay in charge of your data. While keeping everyone including us and the beneficiary in the dark.

Within Your Budget

Securing your digital assets for future generations does not have to be an expensive business even though it is a very critical business.



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