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About MoTA Inherit

MoTA (Mode of Transfer Alternative) was set up with the goal of providing alternative, sustainable, affordable and superior ways of transferring digital assets from one person to the other. In line with these objectives, we have a service that enable borderless transfer of cryptocurrency for the able as well as the technically limited using the MoTA Hub. We have also spawned this service to assist digital asset holders to transfer their assets to loved ones without any custodial nightmares with MoTA Inherit

MoTA Inherit is your own personalized inheritance plan that utilizes existing tools to transfer control of your digital assets to a beneficiary when you are incapacitated without disclosing who the beneficiary is to us (to eliminate collusion) and without revealing your intention to the beneficiary (to eliminate risk to your assets).

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Key Concerns & Considerations

Let's note that on average, an individual may have their digital assets not only in one wallet but scattered all over in multiple places including; on exchanges, in tipping bots/sites and in multiple wallets, some custodial and others not.

- What happens to your assets on the exchange you trade on right now?

- Also, would you like to disclose these logins and access codes to the beneficiary while well and alive? 

- Even if you believe you would share these vital information, why have you not do it yet?

- Would it be easy to find several people to give chunks of your keys to even (like in shamir's secret sharing)?

- What about collusion by two or more parties you have shared access to your assets with?

- What about the assets being unduly taxed or legal frameworks that prohibit making an outright claim?

Our solution seeks to address all the above concerns. You surely would consider such a service worth spending on right? We promise to make it worth your while.

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User Story

I have been involved with cryptocurrency since 2014, actively trading some tokens while holding others in several wallets including tipping bots.

Over time, some of these assets have become significant and substantial such as when doge mooned. Consolidating all these assets so my children can benefit while maintaining activities such as trading on exchanges has become quite a challenge.

How do I ensure my children can receive assets I have left behind on custodial exchanges and other services such tipping sites, payment gateway wallets etc?

This challenge is what I found MoTA Inherit solving in a novel and most practical way. Without holding on to or having access to any critical information and with literally free third-party tools, MoTA Inherit is able to pass on not only my assets but practically access control of any digital device I so desire to grant access to in future that is not protected by biometric security.

This is super convenient and impressive. 

- Esther Gates
Why Choose Us
Discrete & Anonymous

You surely do not want information all over the place and undesirable characters breathing down  your neck for owning a few digital assets. We keep it so.

Stay In Control

Keep control of what you pass on and when you pass it on. Stay in charge of your data. While keeping everyone including us and the beneficiary in the dark . 

Within Your Budget

Securing your digital assets for future generations does not have to be an expensive business even though it is a very critical business.

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