The MoTA Global Network!

MoTA is breaking into the multi-billion dollar remittance industry with blockchain technology in a way never seen before. Mode of Transfer Alternative (MoTA) is the ultimate secure distributed system for transfers built with the technophobe, under-served and technologically handicapped communities as its focus. A friendly decentralized censorship resistant platform powered by the blockchain for sending and receiving that is open to all including the non-technical.


Transfer anywhere with on the globe through a distributed decentralized network.

Fast & Convenient

Minimal to no KYC (zero paperwork) translates to speedier transfers for the user.


Friendly solution to transfers and exchanges for non-technical folks everywhere!

The Secure Way To Send & Receive Globally.

MoTA is a network of interconnected globally distributed blockchain super-representatives operating under an agreed governance structure to facilitate transfers between anyone anywhere in the world especially non-technical and unconnected persons.

Simple, Secure, Friendly & Unstoppable Transfers!

Yes! that is our vision, mission and core objective.

MoTA Global Network

Yes freedom. No restrictions to who can join and become a representative (MT) or do transfers. MoTA does not require you to create a wallet on MoTA. No escrow, MoTA does not hold or interact with your transfers. No KYC requirement. MoTA requires just some basic contact details of only MTs to set them up on the MoTA Hub platform to facilitate transfers for 100s of under-served communities.

MoTA provides regulation-free transfer protection for  representative’s on the MoTA Network.  This is achieved through a staking and consensus mechanism.

MoTA is modeled in the spirit of ease of use, relevance and mass utility. MoTA is useful to anyone in need of a mode of transfer. It is for those who DGAF about technology or the blockchain who just need to get their transfers from point A to point B simple.

Accessible right in the corner, in the street, at the barber shop, the ice cream vendor. Practically anyone can be a MoTA Transformer/Transmitter (MT).

Be your own boss. Join MT any time, start any time, close any time, quit any time. Enjoy your freedom while you help the world transact.


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