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MoTA means Mode of Transfer Alternative. The blockchain powered alternative transfer solution inclined toward technophobes, the unconnected and generally individuals that may not want to or cannot interact with wallet technology directly.

A network of MoTA Transformers (MTs) will act as a point of contact for individuals seeking to do a transfer. Both techies and non-techies can use the MT to do transfers that will be received by other MTs who will then forward the asset to the recipient. MoTA will provide the framework and safe-guard the rules of engagement between MTs. MoTA will not operate an escrow or interact with the asset in transit. MoTA operates a unique mechanism to safeguard transfers.

MoTA Transformers earn revenue from transforming assets and facilitating transfers. 

Users of MoTA have the unique advantage of not having to worry about the complexities of the blockchain. Users can transfer assets faster through known MTs within their community to any part of the world. MoTA eliminates the cumbersome and stressful processes associated with transfers. MoTA has no restriction on usage, anyone can use MoTA.

To become a MoTA Transformer, register on MoTA and follow the guidelines after registering. Register now here.

It is easy for anyone to transfer with MoTA even if they do not have a computer or a phone. Just locate a MoTA Transformer to proceed.  (Note: It is however useful to provide a phone number in order to receive an optional proof of transfer).

Find transformers in your community using the MoTA website or through word of mouth or the telegram platform. Each transformer can be verifiable through a verification request procedure. Once a transformer is verified, you can always check and receive an update on their standing.

You can get MOT Coin by exchanging other cryptocurrency tokens for MOT on our website (Here) during the Initial Involvement Offering (IIO) and supported exchanges after.

You can exchange MOT for other cryptocurrencies on an exchange, trading with friends or on a swapping platform (Here)

MoTA Global Operational Token (MGOT) Launched On SmartBCH!

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