The Initial Associate Offering (IAO) is a year long event that rewards contributors to the Mode of Transfer Alternative (MoTA) project with the MoTA Global Associate Token (MGAT).

Mode of Transfer Alternative (MoTA) is a global project. It thrives on community participation and support. We encourage active participation to grow access and utility of blockchain technology to the under-served communities of the world and those lacking access. The Initial Associate Offering (IIO) is an invitation contribute and to be rewarded for contributing. All contributors to the project are given the MoTA Global Associate Token (MGAT) while the IAO is running. The more you contribute the more MGAT you accumulate. Receiving an MGAT makes you a MoTA Global Associate (MGA).


Holders of MGAT are part of the governance system of MoTA. Each holder of MGAT holds one vote equal to the vote of an MT.

Holders of MGAT take a share of MoTA revenue for as long as they hold the MGAT. 70% of MH revenue that comes to MoTA Global Network (MN) is distributed to MGAs.


MGATs are Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) tokens issued on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Blockchain.

Token ID: 3cf9c9394f5790d7796baa813634fecb643096da3a3fb7d88d705568c095e88b

MGAT can be stored in any SLP aware wallet such as wallet

Note: Please check token ID when interacting with tokens as tokens can imitated.

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