The Initial Involvement Offering (IIO) is an event to invite our global community to get involved with the Mode of Transfer Alternative (MoTA) project by acquiring the MoTA Global Operational Token (MGOT) Token.

MoTA Global Token (MOT)Mode of Transfer Alternative (MoTA) is a global project. It thrives on community. We encourage universal involvement to grow the access and utility of blockchain technology to under-exposed communities and those lacking access. The Initial Involvement Offering (IIO) is the invitation and opportunity to participate. All that is required for minimal involvement is to acquire and hold  the MoTA Global Operational Token (MGOT). Holders of MGOT receive airdrops of MGOT and other incentives including a percentage of project revenue when upgraded to MoTA Global Associates (MGA).

The MGOT tokens are Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) tokens issued on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Blockchain.

Token ID: ade7589b4924151ef7e258131a5932c7e1d3f299b6b505f5d885227385750e0a

MGOT can be stored in any SLP aware wallet such as wallet

Note: Please check token ID when interacting with tokens as tokens can imitated.

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