MGCash Token

The MoTA Global Cash (MGCash) Token

mgcashMoTA has three token types on the blockchain. These tokens enable MoTA to function and run smoothly. The tokens perform unique functions in the MoTA ecosystem depending on the type.

The MoTA Global Cash (MGCash) token is the project utility token. This is the token that allows MTs and IUs on the MH to transfer BA across the MH. In other words, it is a transfer vehicle on the MH. MTs will hold MGCash. IUs can also hold MGCash. MGCash is transformed at any MTs for FM. IUs may also transact directly between themselves with MGcash.


MGCash is electronic cash (e-cash) purely for internal use on the MH. They are not a substitute for FM. Direct exchange of MGCash is at the discretion of the holder. MGCash is utilized by MTs and IUs to facilitate transfers on the MH.


Each MoTA token is designed to perform a specific function. They are however blockchain tokens and therefore have all the benefits and risks associated with blockchain tokens. MoTA Global will not be held liable for any misapplication of tokens by a holder. Tokens must be held in secure and compatible blockchain wallets.

MGCash are Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) tokens issued on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Blockchain.

Token ID: cc90cee3c756d92723861a118acc2eb02b32a8ab73e0fe0c1639f421afea9aa4

MGCash can be stored in any SLP aware wallet such as wallet

Note: Please check token ID when interacting with tokens as tokens can imitated.

MoTA Global Operational Token (MGOT) Launched On SmartBCH!

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