MGOT Token

The MoTA Global Operational Token (MGOT)

MoTA has three token types on the blockchain. These tokens enable MoTA to function and run smoothly. The tokens perform unique functions in the MoTA ecosystem depending on the type.

MoTA Global Operational Token also known as MGOT is the publicly available token distributed in the Initial Involvement Offering (IIO) event. It can be held (hodled), exchanged or traded for other cryptocurrency tokens as one deems fit. Holders of this token will benefit from the periodic airdrops and other incentive programmes / events aimed at rewarding MoTA token holders. The value of MGOT is not locked to any asset. It can therefore rise in value allowing holders to benefit from the growth of the MoTA Global Project.

This MoTA token is designed to perform a specific function. They are however blockchain tokens and therefore have all the benefits and risks associated with blockchain tokens. MoTA Global will not be held liable for any misapplication of tokens by a holder. Tokens must be held in a secure and compatible blockchain wallets.

The MGOT coins are Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) tokens issued on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Blockchain.

Token ID: ade7589b4924151ef7e258131a5932c7e1d3f299b6b505f5d885227385750e0a

MGOT can be stored in any SLP aware wallet such as wallet

Note: Please check token ID when interacting with tokens as tokens can be imitated.

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