MGOT Token

The MoTA Global Operational Token (MGOT)

MoTA has three token types on the blockchain. These tokens enable MoTA to function and run smoothly. The tokens perform unique functions in the MoTA ecosystem depending on the type.

MoTA Global Operational Token also known as MGOT is the publicly available token distributed in the Initial Involvement Offering (IIO) event. It can be held (hodled), exchanged or traded for other cryptocurrency tokens as one deems fit. Holders of this token will benefit from the periodic airdrops and other incentive programmes / events aimed at rewarding MoTA token holders. The value of MGOT is not locked to any asset. It can therefore rise in value allowing holders to benefit from the growth of the MoTA Global Project.

This MoTA token is designed to perform a specific function. They are however blockchain tokens and therefore have all the benefits and risks associated with blockchain tokens. MoTA Global will not be held liable for any misapplication of tokens by a holder. Tokens must be held in a secure and compatible blockchain wallets.

The MGOT coins are tokens issued on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Blockchain.

SLP Token ID: ade7589b4924151ef7e258131a5932c7e1d3f299b6b505f5d885227385750e0a (Suspended)

SmartBCH (SEP20) Contract Address: 0x7DF65F158126898725f262378538B60db543C11A

MGOT (SLP) can be stored in any SLP aware wallet such as wallet. (Note, the SLP token has been suspended)
MGOT (SEP20) can be stored in any SmartBCH EVM capable wallet such as Metamask Wallet by adding the token to the wallet using the contract address.

Note: Please ALWAYS check token ID or Contract Address when interacting with tokens as tokens can be imitated.

Support: MGOT Token (Telegram)


We need to protect the initial liquidity from being diluted by persons who have received free airdrops. When liquidity is put, the free airdrop guy will just go withdraw to the valuable asset and keep the price tanking.

Airdrops however put the token into circulation so will be done but only after pre-sale and crowd sale.


Pre-sale of 10% of tokens (before listing on exchanges). All pre-sale revenue goes to listing.


Those that buy at the pre-sale will receive an additional 10% of whatever volume of coins they bought. This extra 10% on each holding will not be released immediately to prevent dumping by one whale. The 10% will be released at the end of x months (suggest 1 month). So at the end holders will have 10% more tokens than you bought. Whether you liquidate your holdings early or not, you get the 10% extra for buying at the pre-sale on the reward date.

All pre-sale revenue goes to provide liquidity listing. In this way, whatever you put into a token, you can take out via a liquidity pool.


79% of tokens go to crowd sale (via online marketplaces, DEXs and CEXs).


10% of tokens will be spread as reward for liquidity providers over 10 years at 1% a year. This means anyone holding the token will be sent additional tokens monthly for the next 10 years. (Can the dividend tool handle that)


100% of pre-sale revenue go to listing DEX (liquidity pool)

10% of crowdsale revenue goes to marketing MoTA (This includes airdrops and other marketing efforts. Free airdrops will constitute 1% of token supply)

10% goes to supporting development

Remainder of crowd sale revenue goes to shore up the liquidity on exchanges to secure token value (trading).


10% of transaction fees generated by the MoTA platform in BCH (Sep20) will be distributed to all MGOT holders annually. So if you have MGOT in your wallet, you can keep smiling. ORI can be changed to monthly if the dividend tool can handle it..


MoTA Global Operational Token (MGOT) Launched On SmartBCH!

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