MoTA Roadmap

The Mode of Transfer Alternative (MoTA) has a core goal of eliminating the barrier to entry and adoption of blockchain technology with MoTA Projects.



MoTA Global is committed to building and deploying products and services in conjunction with other developers aimed at making access to blockchain technology easier for non-technical persons.

Core Product / Service

MoTA Remit

Our core product we aim to deploy is a remittance solution, MoTA Remit, that is as free of barriers and restrictions as blockchain technology. This project while making significant progress is an uphill one on which we are making steady progress.

Other Products / Services

MoTA Inherit

Other projects by MoTA include MoTA inherit, which aims to aid the transfer of digital assets to family members and next of kin in the event of one’s demise.

Token Shop

Friendly information source for obtaining tokens including regular tokens and NFTs.

Token Tools

Reliable source of ready to use information and tools to facilitate blockchain use globally. This includes encouraging the development of ready to use tools such as payment gateways and ecommerce platforms that integrate with content management systems.

Token wallet

Easy to use wallets and associated asset management tools.


Our core business model is structured around bridging gabs especially for non-technical persons. In addition we aspire to bridge gaps between the various blockchain technologies. Our aim is to lower the barriers to entry for everyong.

We are committed to our vision and making steady progress.

mota network

We have launched A BCH to SmartBCH Instant Bridge!

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