MoTA Whitepaper

The Mode of Transfer Alternative (MoTA) whitepaper covers the concept, roadmap, governance and strategy for the MoTA Project.


Mode of Transfer Alternative (MoTA) is a blockchain powered /DeFi project designed to enable secure global transfers and transactions for under-served communities. The concept is specifically aimed at attracting technophobes, non-technical and unconnected persons and communities by completely eliminating the barriers to adoption and access to blockchain technology. Beneficiaries would include among others, the physically challenged, technophobes, non-technical persons and communities that are unconnected or off-grid.


Mobile-money has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, expanding to over 200 countries in under 10 years, particularly in Africa and parts of Asia.


The GSMA State of the Industry Report on Mobile Money 2019 points that “Total transaction values grew by 20 per cent, reaching $690 billion in 2019, which means the industry is now processing close to $2 billion a day”, the report reads. GSMA forecasts that in 2023 more than $1 trillion will be transacted via mobile platforms annually, with over $2.8 billion a day.

Mobile money, which was originally used in a few markets, has become a global phenomenon. “With 290 live services across 95 countries,” as GSMA explains, this means of payment is entering the mainstream in most markets where access to financial services is limited.

“Mobile money services are available in 96 per cent of countries where less than a third of the population have an account at a formal financial institution.” “In most low-income countries, the path to financial inclusion is primarily through mobile money.

Giving under-served communities digital financial access in the way mobile-money has with additional perks is something worthwhile. Blockchain offers such perks including border-less transactions, decentralization and immutability which are lacking in mobile-money technology. How does blockchain scale to under-served and technologically constrained communities like mobile-money does?

MoTA Global by mimicking mobile-money technology and its approach on the blockchain, achieves the goal of expanding access to those communities limited by technology and new capabilities to these communities. 

The MoTA project is addressing the constraints in micro-transfers and transactions across the globe by leveraging the immutability and censorship resistance of blockchain transactions with the convenience and flexibility of mobile-money technology. The decentralized MoTA Hub (MH) platform is designed to enable MTs trustlessly interact and facilitate transfers and transactions for under-served communities with the MoTA Network (MN) only providing dispute resolution. 

Join MoTA as an MT or MGA and help the world transact in freedom while you earn. Join Here


MoTA Global Operational Token (MGOT) Launched On SmartBCH!

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